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I began photographing as a hobby, while hiking in the outdoors and wanting to share nature's beauty with others.  Over the years my photographic pursuits have expanded from the beauty of nature to a celebration of this planet, its life, and the human spirit.

As a photographer I have done volunteer work for National Geographic's Photo Camp BioBlitz, the National Park Service, and the Desert Institute at Joshua Tree.  My photographs have won many awards and appeared in numerous galleries including a one man show at the 29 Palms Art Gallery and group shows at the California Museum of Photography and the Buenaventura Art Gallery.  They have been on the cover of The Sun Runner, National Park Service publications and shuttle buses, and on the J. Paul Getty Museum website.  My pictures have also been featured in the Malibu Times, Photographer's Edge, 805 Magazine, New Spirit, Distinctive Homes, and Your Health Connection.

It is my hope that sharing these pictures with you will convey what a beautiful and precious gift this world is.  The quality and health of our lives is certainly connected to the respect and care we treat this planet and all that lives on it.

Jim Belsley