Santa Monica Mountains Backbone Trail Photos 2008-2009

These photographs were taken on a series of hikes along the Backbone Trail 
co-sponsored by the National Park Service and the Santa Monica Mts. Trails Council in 2008-2009.   Enjoy!

Jim Belsley     

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BBT01 (Nov-08-2008): Ray Miller Trailhead to Danielson Ranch 

BBT02 (Dec-13-2008): Sandstone Peak Parking Lot  to Danielson Ranch 

BBT03 (Jan-10-2009): Yerba Buena Road to Sandstone Peak Parking Lot 

BBT04 (Feb-14-2009): Encinal Canyon Rd, past Mulholland. Return via Clark Ranch Rd

BBT05 (Feb-28-2009): Encinal Canyon Road to Kanan Road

BBT06 (Mar-14-2009): Kanan Road to Corral Canyon Road

BBT07 (Mar-28-2009): Corral Canyon to Malibu Canyon

BBT08 (Apr-11-2009): Stunt Road to Malibu Canyon

BBT09 (May-16-2009): Stunt Road to Topanga State Park

BBT10 (Jun-13-2009): Topanga State Park to Will Rogers State Historic Park


  2008 Jim Belsley