Qigong (Chi Kung) and Taiji (Tai Chi) Training in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties

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JimInstructor: Jim has practiced various forms of martial arts, yoga and meditation throughout his life. Watching his father being treated for Parkinson’s disease inspired him to delve more deeply into the healing practices of Qigong and Mindfulness Meditation. He has completed a 500 hour Advanced Holden Qigong Teacher Training Certification with Lee Holden, a licensed acupuncturist, internationally known for his wonderful Qigong Public Television shows, DVDs, CDs and workshops. Jim has also completed EBQ (Level I Qigong) Certification with Dr. Yang Yang.

Jim would like to thank the following Masters he has also personally studied with and who have had a positive influence on his studies of Qigong, Taiji and the Martial Arts: Ken Cohen, Robert Peng, Mantak Chia, Junfeng Li, Chungliang Al Huang, Dr. Roger Jahnke, Dr. Carl Totton, Share K. Lew, Douglas L. Wong, Ted Mancuso, John A. Fey

Feel free to contact jim@jbhealingarts.com if you have any questions.